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Holly Dell

Actress / Dancer / Voice Artist / Photographer / Model / Singer *Site under reconstruction*

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Photo Credit: Leland Gebhardt


Holly was born in Phoenix and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona to Dawn Powell Dell and Walton Wildy Dell Jr. She has two older brothers. She began performing at a very young age with Scottsdale Sizzlers (pom and cheer group) and loved to use her imagination to have backyard adventures playing make believe, singing her own tunes and creating her own 11.5" doll outfits. She studied dance, singing, art, acting, tennis, softball and more thru the Girl's Club, Scottsdale Recreation Centers and various other locations. At just 15 y.o., she began her performing arts studies at Scottsdale Community College where she obtained an Associate of Applied Science in the Motion Picture and Television Production department with emphasis on Acting/Directing and Dance Technology, as well as an Associate of General Studies with Honors, PTK and High Distinction. Following that she studied with various well-respected coaches such as Elayne Stein, Linda Waymire, Matthew Dearing, E.E Moe and more.


Her work has been featured in the: Almost Famous Film Festival (A3F), IFP Beat the Clock Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, San Tan Film Festival, Miami Film Festival and Arcadia Film Festival, showcasing at AMC and Harkins Theatres. In 2007, she won Best Actress for her role in All in a Day's Work with Catbrain Film Factory and again in 2009 for The After Vows. Holly has also worked on productions which featured Zero Dark Thiry actress, Jessica C. (Jolene) and been featured on the CW Network (Hidden Palms, Lionsgate Television).



She loves architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, fashion design, hiking, kickboxing, yoga and trying new things. Being adaptable and creative are two strengths. If she can paint, photograph, or perform she'll be happy! Holly continues to develop her craft, knowledge, friendships and experience and looks forward to exciting new opportunities.


As a babysitter, former Pre-K teacher and current Hip Hop instructor, Holly loves to work with kids and hopes to adopt a few when she is ready to begin a family of her own.


Interested in casting Holly in your project, please email:


 Holly was born on Flag Day and loves her Vistor counter by Flag Counter! Whoo hoo!


Welcome to the new page designed to share some insight into "Holly Words" - the things that make you go "what?" hee hee, it's fun, it's free, it's all about ME.

Eralize(eer-uh-lahyz or er-uh-lahyz) Verb

To put into perspective the primary events of one's section of years; to label according to one's desires how one loved their time; to create an era
I have decided to eralize our relationship by the years. Year one was the "Getting Giddy with it" year. Years 2-3 were the "Growing Young Together Years."
I will eralize this decade "The Actor/ess's Years of Drama, Suspense and Adventure!"

2.16.13 (formed originally in 2010 or prior)
Catlection (Cat-lect-ion) - noun
To collect cats by forming a family of loving, adorable, furry purries. 
Examples: "I love my catlection!" "My catlection is adorable!"
(Trademark of Holly Dell and "Hollyland" - All Rights Reserved)

Fun Facts
There's Something about Holly:

Spent time alone in Belgium, Brussels exploring the streets, visiting the chocolate museum (and sampling many truffles), standing in awe of the amazing flower petal design and more!
The Roche flavor at The Gelato Spot in Scottsdale, must be a top favorite among Holly's love of ice creams!
Holly loves cats and with her special blended family of 11 (A LOT she knows)feels very blessed and special to love each distinct "baby."
Holly has two older brothers and was raised by her single mother, when her father died at a young age.
Holly loves animals, just ask her about all her former pets and her love for the "Phoenician bunnies!"
Holly often creates scrap paper at work to avoid waste and loves to recycle!
Her resourcefulness includes sticker making and a recycle box at previous jobs!
Holly once hula hooped for 1 hour straight!
Book/Play Recommendations
Acting is Everything by Judy Kerr

A Guide to Making it in Hollywood by Scott Sedita

Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen
Audition by Michael Shurtleff
Sherlock Holmes

Crime and Punishment

Closer (play)

The Holy Bible
(hey we all need some spiritual help sometimes)