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Holly Dell

Actress / Dancer / Voice Artist / Photographer / Model / Singer *Site under reconstruction*

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By Holly Dell

My first reaction - LOVE, but that's because I'm a cloud person. And wow weeeee! The imagery pulls you in immediately with the beautiful images of "Up in the Air" floating on "cloud 9" so to speak. So instantly we get the feel of Ryan Bingham's played by George Clooney journey. His life is safe in the solitude that is high above it all. His commitment to bring about a softer more optimistic approach to one of the most difficult jobs that is to "terminate" people from their now non-available position is in a way hyprocritical to the cold, fearful nature that is his regarding personal relationships of his own. His motivational speaches he gives, say to live life out of an empty suitcase free from the burdens that we add with our homes, our stuff. The movie is so full of symbolism from the couple rushing to hug each other in the airport as Clooney's character, without noticing, passes by. The thought of life is all around him, but no where near him is something we have all likely felt at some point in our lives. The sense of safety in groups without actually being "part of" a group. And when this comfortable lifestyle is threatened, he is challenged to learn intimacy from a rookie. Can he adjust to a personal approach in his love and family life and thus create that life or will he be stuck in a world that is "Up in the Air?" The overall tone of this movie is linear with little climatic momentum and the ideals presented are very relevant to today's economic climate, yet depending on one's own personal experience this may mean a new more optimistic approach the next time you go searching for work or a depressing sadness when relating to past experiences of being "let go, never use the word fired." All in all, the movie was enjoyable when staring at the floating sensation of being "Up in the Air," but the movie left me feeling empty, sad and optimistic. A strange combination.