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Holly Dell

Actress / Dancer / Voice Artist / Photographer / Model / Singer *Site under reconstruction*

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Sherlock Holmes
By Holly Dell
I remember going for a walk with my mother. It was an average day shopping for the norms at the traditional warehouse. There in front of my eyes lied this big bold book full of mystery and wonder. A book like those you'd see on the old fashion bookcases that made a home library with wall to wall shelves seem smart. This was a fairly thick hardback book with ILLUSTRATIONS! So it must be good! Low and behold my mother gave me a gift of many years of excitement, dreams, inspection and more. I would enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and taking the snapshot of an illustration and traveling on those old brick roads with Mr. Holmes. It was an inspiration and a trip to the intelligence isle. There was a sly, yet somewhat stiff manner in Mr. Holmes approach. That subtle humor and dark misty air about the countryside homes he'd often inspect. Oh how big I oft saw those houses of these great men who would look upon Sherlock Holmes. Thus began the one book I could look on for repeated adventures. The details in which everything was described was magnificent and the hope that my theory would be correct. Then began my college years and I quickly ran out of leisure reading time. So for years it sat on my shelf whispering for another adventure...the last adventure. And then. Then the previews came out. I thought "Um, yeah that's not at all how I pictured it...the movie looks good, but in it's own way...that's not who I'd cast and there seems too much aloof about this interpretation designed for our current filmmatic era." So in my new found time I ventured off to the one last adventure left in the series and began my revision of the book, so that the movie could not spoil this last breathe of inspiration and contentment. It was a pleasure as always. The way I get annoyed with I cannot properly sit to enjoy reading all the way thru. Ahh, but alas I sat and enjoyed by book...and then the movie.
Filled with as much adventure and the lovely dark mystic air of those stone/brick pathways of London's early 1900's I already began to enjoy myself. Granted I put little expectation, because this was the ONE book I could say "the movie didn't do it justice" or "it was nothing like the book," but I already knew this going in. So I put my hope in that the style looked humorous, yet dark. Smart, yet action packed. So something I would typically like anyway. The facial expressions of Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) and the quick witted writing of this film were quite enjoyable! Guy Ritchie (Director) put a modern spin while still providing clues to the old Sherlock Holmes I remember, such as the cleaver disguises he would wear and the way he'd look upon facts and put them together in the required order as it came upon him. All in all, the adventure remains and I was pleased with the cinematic style, writing and performances! Now on to the next!!!!