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Holly Dell

Actress / Dancer / Voice Artist / Photographer / Model / Singer *Site under reconstruction*

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Printing Services 7.6.10
In any business, it is important to formulate ways to best market your products and services to your target audience. For actors, this means 8x10 Headshots. Models = Comp or Zed Cards. Business cards are also very useful.
I have discovered the following sites for possible recommendation: please visit for links to discounts and to give credit for your purchase! Lots of free services and great products for promoting your business/brand. I am happy with the glossy business cards! again please visit for promotional offers and to provide credit for your purchase (must click on the icon via OB's website in order to work). Their business cards are a little oversized (long and short), but they are based out of Europe. I like their possible new sticker options, hee hee (I'm a sticker girl, hee hee). They have mini-cards too, which are popular, but I don't like fitting non-universal cards into my business card holders, so am not a fan of this option.




I will update and keep you posted as I learn more about other products/services and printing companies that specialize in performing art materials.

:) Holly Dell

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