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Actress / Dancer / Voice Artist / Photographer / Model / Singer *Site under reconstruction*

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Ann Reinking Master Dance Class - 2.28.10, revised 3.3.10
By Holly Dell
I love to study a variety of dance styles, as you can tell from my resume, so when I heard about the opportunity to train with Ann Reinking at Scottsdale Community College for a one night offer, I was more than thrilled. Last Friday night, I was still feeling a little sore from boxing conditioning and yoga at Club SAR the previous Wed night, but I walked into class with a joy for dance like I haven't always felt. I was eager to learn from a master, someone with professional credits! This was going to be a great night and it was. Dance can reflect many ideas, perspectives, movements, styles, rhythms and different qualities of movement (fast, slow, hard, soft, smooth, etc.), but the main quality that brings about a performance "from the rehearsal space to the theater" is the life behind those movements. That's why so many of us dancers are story tellers. We carve from the air the story within our soul and to bring that "cadence" as Mrs. Reinking put it, is something very "beautiful and powerful to watch" and experience. So to hear her speak about "give and take" and "interrelationships" being aware of your need to love and be loved is something so foundational to artstry and humanity and perhaps the reason I am so drawn to the performing arts! That kind of passion displayed in the beauty of movements so "subtle," yet so "powerful" is just mesmorizing to watch! The balance between "strength and control" is something that takes the movements from one placement to something extrodinary. There must always be "thinking/feeling" behind the movements...the thought of a fragile "most beautiful women in the forrest" on this "1,000 pound horse" that at any moment can get spooked, but will listen to the firm, graceful control of the half horse (feet/legs) half women on top is much like the spanish dances Mrs. Reinking said. These kind of illustrations make a choreographer give their dancers something more than movements to a beat. It gives them the give and take, that subtext, the work behind the art. And it makes for something truly beautiful to watch and dance!
Snapshots with my point and shoot taken by a fellow student. Left: Ann Reinking with me Right: Me and Angie Rosenkrans (SCC Dance Program Director and my former dance instructor)